Thursday, March 3, 2011


Agar kahoon lafz nahi hai bayaan karne ko ..
toh woh zubaan meri nahi hazaaron ki hogi 
khushiyan ho har fiza tera daaman bharne ko ... 
toh woh haath mere nahi dua har dil ki hogi

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


aas paas ek dhuan sa mujhe ghere
dum bharte bharte dum ghutta dhere
ek meethi si khushboo bhi aas paas
phir bhi dhundla kuch gehra ehsaas
iss paar ek meri duniya jaisi bhi
uss paar ek teri duniya waisi bhi
aas paas ek dhuan sa mujhe ghere

Monday, August 9, 2010


har baat ki wajah nahi hoti
har ehsaas ki dil mein jagah nahi hoti....
keh toh hum yoonhi jaate hai , 
varna aisi bhi koi khass baat nahi hoti

Friday, May 21, 2010


kabhi iss dil ne teri arzoo na ki thi
phir bhi na jaana kaise tamana ho gayi
tujhse mulaqaat kabhi sochi na thi
phir bhi itefaq ka bahaana ho gayi

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loved ..

This beautiful land on which i stand,
which makes me feel an existence
an existance which lives a life , without a crawl.

The fears to fall are far away deep in the water,
coz i know u wont let ,the upright figure mixed with the flat dome .
I look around and all i see is love,
love which you made me fall for,
love which u taught me , telling me all the time.
if you want to be loved , you gotta be lovable.

and here im with all that i could confine in me ,
ever so peaceful , ever so content.
Content with the thought that u are still there invisble to me ,
content that im still a part of your thoughts .

You do Mean ....

where have you been all the time ,
hiding from my vision,blocking all that i cud see.
Yes u mean, u do mean eyesight to me .

where have you been all the while
oblivious to my smile, distracting all that i cud feel.
yes u mean, you do mean sense to me.

where you have been this long
untouched to my touch, holding all that i cud hold
yes u mean,you do mean touch to me .

All but me

you smile with all but me
you share with all but me
you laugh with all but me
you cry with all but me

but me, all i have is

you to smile with
you to share with
you to laugh with
you to cry with

you not around me yet seen
me around you yet unseen
feels like i dont belong here
here on this land
feels like i exist everywhere
everywhere except here .